Are you looking to train at a USA Powerlifting Regional Training Center or Friendly Gym.  Visit one of these gyms below.

USA Powerlifting recognizes specific training facilities nationwide as official Regional Training Centers (RTC).  RTCs function as a means of promoting the sport and providing a physical location for our athletes to train.  They also serve as locations for Coaching Certification courses, training clinics and seminars; and powerlifting meets.  In addition to upholding the standards of the organization, they must meet the following requirements:

  1. Willing to sign and display a document stating that they are upholding and promoting the core values of the USA Powerlifting.
  2. One certified USA Powerlifting Coach.
  3. One lever-adjustable squat/bench press rack or equivalent as featured in USA Powerlifting/IPF competition (Combo Rack, Eleiko, ER, Texas Strength Systems, WestCary Barbell, etc.).
  4. A modicum of equipment that a USA Powerlifting lifter would need to adequately train for a competition including but not limited to: 20kg barbell (Eleiko, Ivanko, Leoko, Rogue, Titex), kilo-calibrated discs (Eleiko, Ivanko, Leoko, Titex), power rack, and lifting platform.
  5. The facility must be willing to either host and/or sponsor at least one local USA Powerlifting meet annually with the ultimate goal of taking lifter(s) to both National, International and World level competitions.
  6. The facility must be able and willing to host training clinics and/or certification courses.

WADE Strength Systems                                              Silver Level – Regional Training Center                                  Location:   23439 N 35th Drive Ste. 1 Glendale, AZ 85310                                                                                 WADE Strength Systems Website

USA Powerlifting Friendly Gyms are facilities where powerlifters are welcome and may feature a USA Powerlifting presence.

Crossfit Purgatory  –                                                       Friendly Gym                                                            Location:   3461 East Speedway Boulevard, Tucson, AZ,                          Crossfit Purgatory Website