2020 USA Powerlifting, Arizona Competitions  

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USA Powerlifting WSS Power Fest 

Sanction: AZ-2020-07

November 14 and 15 2020

Directed by: WADE Strength Systems
Rodney and Miryam Elm


Elm’s Mini Farm (map)

8715 W. Calle Lejos 

Peoria, AZ 85383

Meet Registration


This meet will be a little different in that we will be staging the event outside, in our backyard with large tents over the platform, warm-up area and spectators. The temperature is predicted to be mid 50’s for lows and low 80’s for the high temperature.


We have 1 session each day with a maximum of 28 lifters Saturday and 28 lifters on Sunday. The sessions will run for about 4 hours, give or take. If you have a friend or family member who would like to volunteer, this will be a short day with weigh ins starting at 9am and lifting starting at 11am. We should be done by 3pm.

Volunteer Here

We will be following all USA Powerlifting C-19 Guidelines as directed by the Executive Committee of USA Powerlifting dated July 28, 2020.  Please read these in their entirety here.


Tentative Competition Schedule

Saturday Nov. 14th, 2020

  • Check-in: 9:00am

  • Weigh-ins: 9:00 -10:30am

  • Lifter/Rules Meeting: 1030am

  • Lifting begins: 11:00

  • Awards: 3:00pm

Sunday Nov 15th, 2020

  • Check-in: 9:00am

  • Weigh-ins: 9:00am – 10:30am

  • Lifter/Rules Meeting: 10:30am

  • Lifting begins: 11:00am

  • Award: 3:00pm

Flights will be completed once the meet is full


Park along 87th Avenue or W. Calle Lejos, as well as in our front driveway. Please Do Not park in-front of our neighbors driveways or RV Gates.

Spectators Entry to competition

$10 for admission, children are free

Proof of Membership 

The expiration date must show December 31, 2020 or 2021. (Your member card can be a hard copy or viewed on your phone).

To look up your Membership Information:

Membership Information Lookup

New Membership

Renew your Membership



Drivers license or state ID that shows your photo and birth date on it.

For youth or high school lifters that do not have a driver’s license, please bring a copy of your birth certificate, state ID, School ID or passport to verify your age.


We will need your opening attempts in kilos. (Kilo Conversion Charts are available here and at the competition)

Kilo Conversion Chart Link 


Rack / Safety Height for Bench will be needed.  A station will be set up with a Referee/Volunteer to help you get your rack heights.

Rules / Bylaws


EQUIPMENT CHECK – No equipment check will be conducted however we will be spot checking throughout the competition

Gear/Equipment and Apparel must follow the specifications below

Approved Apparel Policy for all USA Powerlifting Events

1.1 Apparel may be plain, i.e. of a single/multi-color fabric with no logos or emblems.

1.2 Apparel may bear the logo or emblem of:

• Lifter or coach’s nation

• Lifter or coach’s name

• Current event or any previous USA Powerlifting, NAPF, or IPF event

• USA Powerlifting

• USA Powerlifting Corporate Sponsors

• IPF Approved equipment manufacturers

• Lifter or coach’s registered USA Powerlifting club name or logo*

• Lifter or coach’s registered USA Powerlifting affiliate gym*

• Official High School and Collegiate logos

• United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, and Reserves branch logos

1.3 The logos or emblems of commodity sportswear brands** not on the “Approved List of IPF Equipment Manufacturers” nor on the addendum of approved logos or emblems established by this rule “Sponsor’s Logos,” may be worn only on t-shirts, shoes, or socks, where the logo or emblem is printed or embroidered and is no more than 5 cm x 2 cm in size (note: manufacturer logos/emblems on shoes are exempted from the 5 cm x 2 cm requirement and may be any size).

A lifter may use masking tape generally consistent in color with the item of personal equipment/apparel it is applied to in order to obscure a non-approved logo or emblem so as to render the item in conformity with the rules.

*All club and affiliate gym logos are subject to approval including variations of such logos **Commodity sportswear brand examples include Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Asics, Champion

Rulebook Version 2019.V pg. 22

If you are purchasing equipment, we recommend you purchase equipment that is on the approved list to save on future costs for equipment should you decide to compete at a regional or national competition.  Need to purchase equipment, check out Liftinglarge.com .  Any equipment approved by the IPF will have the IPF Logo listed.


The Official will need your photo ID and proof of membership.   You must weigh in with your approved briefs. 

Teens must have 2 officials in the weigh in room.

Youth 13 and under will be required to:

  • Weigh-in with their singlet and t-shirt

  • Be accompanied by a parent, guardian or coach during weigh-ins


If you need to make a change to your nominated weight class please let us know ASAP.  For weight class changes email wadestrengthsystems@gmail.com


We will be testing 10% of the lifters.  Those selected for drug testing will be notified after your last deadlift. Please head to the scoring table immediately upon notification. If you leave before being tested or refuse to be tested, any awards and/or records you may have received will be forfeited and you will face disciplinary action, including a possible suspension. Please refer to the USA Powerlifting, anti doping/WADA rules for more information.



1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards will be handed out for each weight class and division.

Awards will be handed out immediately following the last flight in each session. If you need to leave before the award session, you may have someone collect the award for you however, should your name be chosen to be drug tested and you are not present you will be disqualified, so please plan on staying until all lifting is completed and those chosen for doping control have been announced.

We use Lifting Cast as the scoring program for our meets. There are several new features built  into the program that will make it easy for coaches spectators and anyone who has an interest, to follow a particular lifter and /or team.

COACHES/ HANDLER –  Requirements

Coaches Fee – $10 1 coach only unless lifting equipped.   Receive a wristband allowing access to the warm up area

Coaches / Handlers that are not members of USA Powerlifting must  fill out a Waiver form –


LIFTING CAST FOR COACHES– Click on the links below to follow your lifters progress during the meet.


Questions: Call or Text 623-800-0444 Email wadestrengthsystems@gmail.com


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